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About Us

We are the leading agribusiness service provider offering a wide range of services in the coffee sector in Kenya

Coffee Management Services Ltd (CMS) is a leading agribusiness service provider offering a wide range of services in the coffee sector in Kenya and wider East Africa region. Since 2006, we have endeavored to become the centre of excellence in agro- financial services and promote sustainably grown coffee in the region.  At CMS, production of good quality coffee begins at the farm.

We help coffee farmers bear the challenges of the coffee industry by enhancing improved farm management practices, facilitating a stronger negotiation position and access to new and favorable markets. Through our professional farm-management services, farmers can control costs of operations, improve profit margin and improve crop quality.


No. of Ha of plantations under CMS


% of Total Kenyan production CMS produces


No. Of wet mills CMS works with


No. Of farmers in Kenya CMS works with

CMS began its operation in 2006 and is a registered as a Coffee Management Agent and licensed Coffee Marketing Agent. Currently it is managing estates of approximately 1300 ha of plantations which are producing 3.5% of total Kenyan production. In the last 10 year CMS has grown to be the leading marketing agent and has marketed about 9582 MT in the 2015/16 season, which translates 23% of total Kenyan Production. CMS works with 195 wet mills with approximately 300,000 farmers in Kenya. Currently CMS manages 2 dry mills in Kenya (7 ton/hr in Karatina and 2 ton/hr in Eldoret), 2 in Tanzania (Mbozi and Mbinga) and offers technical support to 1 drymill in Rwanda and another in Uganda. CMS also has a presence in 4 countries in the region: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda.

CMS aims to remain the leading sustainable coffee farming specialists in East Africa; offering unrivalled cost effective coffee farming and value add services using the latest research technology and ensuring sustainable returns to clients.

At CMS, we believe professional farming leads to sustainability; better farm management correlated highly with quality and efficiency as well as international recognition and reputation for quality coffee producers. Working with CMS means better terms of trade assuring:

  • Access to markets
  • Market positioning
  • Stronger negotiation position
  • Marketing opportunities
  • Better price for a better product
  • Competitively prices agro inputs