CMS as a Project Manager of choice has partnered with over 23 local and international entities in the quest to have sustainable agriculture. Among the programs that CMS has managed include:

Sustainable Secure Smallholder Systems (4S@SCALE)

CMS partnered with ECOM, Hivos, The Dutch Government, SNV and Kenya Biogas Program in a program dubbed 4S@SCALE to reach over 90,000 farmers spread across the region in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. This program has created champions in Diversification, Youth and Gender initiatives, Climate Change interventions.

Kahawa Kivulini

As the name suggests in Swahili, this project has seen CMS partner with Solidaridad and Proclimate Progreso in distributing over 120,000 coffee seedlings to a minimum of 27,000 farmers in Kenya.

Creating Shared Value in Kenya

From the expertise of the CMS team, Nestle has partnered with us to ensure that the Nescafe better farming practices have been adopted. This program is reaching a total of 15,770 farmers spread out in the Kenya coffee growing regions. These farmers enjoy extension services, capacity building, Soil Analysis, seedlings and subsidized fertilizers from this program.


In partnership with The Dutch Government, Soil cares, Springs and Neo, CMS has been able to build capacity on Good Agricultural Practices and veer vital satellite weather pattern information via text messaging.


50,000 farmers across the growing regions in Kenya and Rwanda are being reached by this initiative. This is a partnership of CMS and Earth-I, British High Commission, UK Space Agencies, Weather Safe and the Coffee Research Institute. The program has seen farmers benefit from weather forecasting, capacity on Good Agricultural Practices, Soil and Leaf analysis, Farm plotting amongst other services.

Biodiversity for Smallholders

CMS has partnered with Rainforest Alliance and Toyota Kenya in this program to reach upto 2,000 farmers where capacity on GAPS, land rehabilitation and seedlings are distributed.

Taylors of Harrogate

CMS extensive services in the program has seen over 2,000 small holder coffee farmers benefit from construction of metallic drying tables.

Agri_FI ECO Pulper

CMS has partnered with the European Union and SlovakAid in the AgriFI Kenya Challenge Fund to promote small holder farmers by providing them with 5 tonnes per hour Eco-pulper machines that uses 2 litres of water to process 1Kg of cherry.